Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Speak: The Power of I AM

This past Saturday, I was booked to speak at the Marriott City Place in West Palm Beach, FL at an event focused on young women hosted by the Elite Bridge Club Career Luncheon. Today I spoke about "The Power of I am". I covered an array of subjects: adoption, sex, drugs, education, overcoming struggles, the entertainment business, how to create success, God, and much more. 

When I speak, I speak to reach at least one person. As I spoke today I watched people shifting in their chairs, I heard the "Amen's, glory to God, and saw the tears in their eyes. But there was this one girl that stood out to me. A young lady with an amazing voice named Maya Knighton. There was something about that young lady's spirit across the room that drew me to her. I told myself after the event I wanted to find her and personally encourage her about her future and to stay focused. I knew she was the young lady that needed to hear me today. Something inside of me tells me she is going to be a success story. I had an opportunity to speak to her and her mom. It meant the world to hear her say what it meant for her to hear me speak. And guess what? She is adopted. I am beginning to believe I have an eye for adoptees.  It was definitely empowering to have the opportunity to sit on a panel with women that have had their own personal struggles, yet they had a dream to succeed and did not allow anything to hold them back. By the end of the event I had many people shaking my hand, encouraging me, asking me for my business card to speak at their event, and wanting to share. I wish I had more time to speak to everyone. However, to see the response from those that had attended reassured me that my voice is highly needed in our communities as well as society. 

I also had the opportunity to personally thank my probation officer I was assigned to as a juvenile publicly after she introduced me in her speech. Everyone deserved to know how much she has inspired my life by believing in me and my future. 

Before I close this:

Never forget the power of "I Am". I am GREAT. I am SUCCESS. I am IMPORTANT. I am BEAUTIFUL. I am THRIVING. We must speak into our life as well as our kids. Success lies in the power of your tongue.

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  1. soooo proud of you sis!!!! You have and will continue to change the world through God.

  2. Hi Stefanie! Thanks so much for your continuous support baby!

    Paloma: Thank you so much. I am allowing God to order my steps! The world needs us. Thank you for your support.

  3. I am beyond PROUD of you sis and your walk. Thank you for being an inspiration for all individuals. You truly are growing daily and your testiomany is amazing for anyone to hear. I am glad you are touching lives. You have touched mine. Keep PUSHING and being YOU


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