Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birthday with the Biologicals

Someone please call 911. I just think I been shot down by bullet to my heart and it's piercing through my soul...(Lyrics to popular song 911 by Wyclef Jean ft. Mary J. Blige)

My adoptive family hosted their 2nd conference call last night, as they begin to put together a family reunion to bring me back home to Puerto Rico in August for my birthday. They are expecting approximately 300+ family memebers to attend this reunion. YIKES! Talk about shaking in my boots. I come from a family of three. As you can see this is going to be quite an intersting time. I have mentally been trying to prepare for this reunion since I was told in form of a joke that if my biological family would ever host a family reunion they would have to rent out Yankee Stadium.

I logged onto Facebook last night and noticed my biological family was having a conference call. I was nervous to call in the line, but I wanted to hear what they were talking about. I almost wished they did not know I was on the line, but I had to announce myself after the chime. I know my biological family was surprised I was on the line. However, they were so kind and welcoming. Oh yes, I cannot fail to mention how FUN-KNEE they are! I have to admit though, as soon as their voices began to resonate the truth begin to sit in again. I am adopted. I wanted to hang up the phone immediately. My eyes began to fill up with tears and thoughts began to race through my mind. I needed help! But I knew that no 9-1-1 call could help this heart. The pain of the realization of what is about to take place this August was piercing my soul....

Although it hurts to think that I was given up and adopted, I have to be strong through this process. I know I have a family that loves me very much and wants to meet me. I walk this journey by faith. One step at a time. One prayer at a time. God is my compass. He will light up the way for me.

I welcome your comments and words of encouragement.

Thank you,


  1. Thank you for being a part of the conference call. It was def. surprising to hear that you were on when I chimed in and it put a smile on my face. I hope God can help you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for you to join us on this crazy-fun reunion we are planning for all. God Bless and hope to hear from you on the next call! <3

  2. It was def a surprise that you logged on to the call last night. It also made MEEEE nervous as I was the one leading!!!! I too shake in me boots!!! Thanks for doing it though. It means a lot to everyone. Love ya!

  3. 300! Yes it sound like a Puertorican party!.
    You will have such an amazing connection Im the one that cannot wait.
    I know is hard but have done a good by taking it one step,at the time,and letting all the incoming news to be processed correctly by your heart,soul and mind.
    Im happy for you,,what can I say?
    You have been a wonderful friend to me.
    Let your voice be heard!!!!

  4. Muzik, your faith and your heart will get you through this. Yes, they love you. Yes, you are adopted. Both/and. All. Everything.

  5. I am glad you made that call! It is an amazing feeling to know all of your family. By getting to know my natural family, I have learned even more about myself. Yes, each new introduction is scary for me...but it is so worth it! <3

  6. It must be hard to handle...People who love you, who you 'could' have been a part of from the start, people who you were separated from...I wish you as smooth a journey as possible.It must be overwhelming.Yet only in confronting it all can you find a bit of peace.All the best...


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