Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 5 Things You Should Never Say or Do to an Adoptee

Rule #1: Never abandon, break up, or reject an adoptee with no explanation (ex. relationships, friendships, love)

Rule# 2 Never tell an adoptee "You should be thankful...". You have no idea what some adoptees have experienced

Rule #3 Never tell an adoptee "At least you weren't aborted...you had a chance to live"

Rule #4 Never think just because a child was adopted that they had a better life.

Rule #5 Never tell an adoptee how they should feel about being adopted. Everyone has a unique journey.  

Have any more rules to add? Please post in the comment area. I would love to read and share them. 

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  1. Love this... especially your rule 5... just wish more people would realize that each adoption journey is unique xxx


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